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A PhD thesis submitted by Alex Burton in May 1998 to Cambridge University


As you can see, it was quite a while ago now that I finished this thesis. I believe that it is of general interest to all palaeontologists, and it was always my intention to turn it into a series of papers. However I did not stay in research and never got round to writing those papers.

Copies of my thesis may be found in the Earth Sciences and University libraries in Cambridge, but I thought it might be valuable to have extracts more generally available on the internet. Please excuse the Spartan presentation; it is about the science not the presentation. You will therefore find that only key figures have been included, although all the figure captions are present.

Please feel free to read and use these extracts for your own research purposes. If you have any comments or questions you may e-mail me at Alternatively please follow this link to leave your comments on this website for others to read.

Here is a list of contents of the entire thesis. Only where a link is indicated are there available extracts.


   Chapter 1 Introduction

   Chapter 2 Sedimentology and stratigraphy

   Chapter 3 A history of taphonomic study

   Chapter 4 Methods of taphonomic analysis

   Chapter 5 Cuckfield

   Chapter 6 Hollington

   Chapter 7 Other Weald sub-basin sites

   Chapter 8 The Isle of Wight

   Chapter 9 Discussions and conclusions


   Appendix - Containing my data

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